Michelle B

My sister is disabled physically and mentally. She receives financial assistance from the Y in order to afford a membership. They have been awesome and have assisted her for many years. She absolutely loves going to the Y. She is taken by a caregiver–the caregiver must drive her and assist her in and out of her wheelchair, on and off of the stationary bike, etc. She uses the NuStep bike mostly and occasionally swims. As her family, I need to emphasize how important it is that Michelle exercise on a routine basis. She must keep her weight under control in order to be able to continue walking short distances. Walking is imperative as it keeps her from being immobile. Immobility leaves her susceptible to many health complications. It is also important for her to exercise for the cardiovascular benefits (keeping weight and blood pressure down, etc.). We have a strong family history of cardiovascular problems and the exercise combats that. Last, but certainly not least, is the feeling Michelle has while being at the Y. She feels a sense of belonging in a community of people that have been very accepting and welcoming. All of the staff know her by name and many members know her and talk with her, too. Feeling a part of the”normal” crowd is worth more than I can express in words. That is the most important part of this story.

Thanks for all you have done to help my sister.

Karen K

Branch: Central

The YMCA has been an important in my life for many years. When my kids were little, we always had a Y membership. My daughter and son took swimming lessons, played basketball on Y leagues, took dance lessons, and went to preschool at the Y. Open swim on Friday nights was a big part of our family weekend. Now, my kids have their own Y membership and their kids are actively involved.

Personally, the Y has been an important part of my physical fitness program through-out much of my life. I’ve been involved in weight training classes, step classes, line dancing, swimming and aerobics.

Due to my recent divorce, I am in a financially tough situation. However, I never wanted to lose my ability to work out. Through your generosity, I am able to get back into the Y and exercise again. I have had my membership for almost a year and I am very determined to get back in shape. I attend the Central Branch Y three times a week for three different classes. I am in Zumba on Monday nights, TNT Tuesdays and Bootcamp Thursdays. I enjoy the variety of classes so much! I’m feeling better, have lost 10 lbs and dropped a whole clothing size! I’m eating better and my overall health and well being has improved.

I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity. You have given me a chance to take care of myself again. Although this membership is for my physical body, my weekly routine has helped my mental well-being also.

Thank you so much!

Sharon K

Branch: Parkview Family YMCA

Sometimes life will throw you some curves and sometimes it will hit you between the eyes when you don’t expect it. The thing about the”Y” is it can keep you going when you want to quit. When you want to just stay home and and be away from everything it can keep you from falling into that ditch because it calls to you. Come on! There are happy people to be around. Come on get wet! You always feel good afterward. Come on! There is a feeling of belonging there. You may feel tired and discouraged today but there is something good and it’s right around your neighborhood! Get moving and come on over cause the moving and stretching feels good and you need it.

The “Y” says “We welcome you”!

Bryan B

Branch: Parkview

My family is suffering an economic hardship. I have shared the details of this with the Y, and they have been so very kind as to provide us financial assistance. My wife and I are so grateful for this kindness, as are our five kids. The older three play basketball almost daily, and the weights have really helped my 16 year old find his healthiest physique. Our five year old loves the childcare, as he always makes a new friend there. Our little girl (eight) is especially fond of the pool and jumprope classes. Our boys also played flag football and took some martial arts classes. We love the scripture displayed throughout the Y and the wonderfully nice workers.

You are achieving excellence, please keep doing just that!