Richelle C

Posted on February 23rd, 2014 | By:

Branch: Central Branch

I was born with hydrocephalus, which is water on the brain, and I was told that this diagnosis would not allow me to lead a normal life. I, however, did not take this as a debilitating fate, but rather as a challenge to overcome. I beat the odds with everything from obtaining a high school education to raising a family. This is not to say fighting my condition wasn’t an everyday hardship, because it was. I most recently became very ill and had to undergo three major brain surgeries. The surgeries were successful, but they left me in an almost unbearable state of depression, anxiety and panic attacks. This is where the YMCA came into my life and, in my opinion, saved it. One day I decided to go down to the Central Branch and see what it could offer me. The members and staff immediately were offering avenues for me that I knew could help me. Everything from exercises to combat my physical ailments, but also social time that does me more good than anyone could imagine. It is just a positive place that I look forward to going to that helps me set goals that give me determination to keep going.

I thank the Y for the support system they offer me everyday with.